When green is actually blue...

When green is actually blue鈥 Everything you need to know about Saint Patrick鈥檚 Day

Saint Patrick鈥檚 day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is a holiday celebrated annually on March 17 worldwide. There are many traditions, or rather beliefs and myths, closely related to this Irish feast. Leprechauns, snakes, four-leaf clovers and the power of green are only some of the beliefs, which will be closely examined and abolished in the following article.

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First Impressions

Time flies way too fast, I mean really. I remember how it scared me, you know 鈥 new school, new friends, new teachers. It was about a year ago and I remember it as if it was today.

It was a beautiful sunny day. After lessons my friends and I went to Czachowski High School.

When I saw the school for the first time I was shocked by the number of students. It was an open day, but at the beginning of the year it was the same. I was fascinated with people鈥檚 kindness and their positive attitude, and I decided to attend this school.

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